Il 25 Maggio 2013 a Zariecie, Repubblica Slovacca, si svolgerà la prima prova della Coppa Europa BikeTrial 2013.

Il Delegato Slovacco Stefan Pcola ed uno dei simboli del BikeTrial Ján Šidlík stanno preparando un evento secondo la migliore tradizione BikeTrial Europea. La partecipazione alla Gara è aperta a tutti i possessori di Licenza BIU. La licenza BIU può essere richiesta da tutti i possessori di Licenza UISP secondo le istruzioni che verranno pubblicate a breve su questo sito.


Altre informazioni qui

Ecco alcune informazioni sull'evento:

The Best of… History of Záriečie Biketrial Club Ján Šidlík sr. from Záriečie is one of the founding members of the biketrial sport in Slovakia. Záriečie Biketrial Club is the only club in Slovakia working continuously since its inception 30 years ago.

Since 1983 the club annually prepared at least one national race, and over the past 10 years three competitions a year. Záriečie Biketrial Club organized the World Championships in 1995, 1997 and World Indoor Cup in Púchov in 1996. Púchov was also the scene of the World Indoor Championship 2000, prepared by members of the Záriečie Biketrial Club.

In collaboration with the town Púchov the members of Záriečie Biketrial club organized the Indoor Championships in 2006, European Cup in 2008 and a lot of other competitions with international participation. The first Slovak woman who competed at world championships was Gabriela Daníková from Záriečie Biketrial Club and she took second place in the final results. Representatives from Záriečie have for many years formed at least half of the Slovak national team and their results are significantly contributing to the excellent results of Slovakia in the ranking of countries.

The Year 2013
As a part of their preparation for the Championships the representatives will take part in nine races in Slovakia and
in approximately 10 competitions in the Czech Republic, Poland, Germany and other countries near to Slovakia.

The best riders are awaiting participation in the World Cup competitions in Heubach in Germany, Walbrzych in Poland, Pra Loup and Meribel both in France and Antwerp in Belgium. The UCI European Championship is organized in Bern in Switzerland and the BIU European Championship will be in Spain. We are planning our participation at both UCI and BIU World Championships.

he UCI WBCH will take place in Pietermaritzbur in South Africa. The BIU World Championships consist of three rounds: 1st round in China, 2nd round in Czech Republic, 3rd round in Spain. The best riders of our club have got a very good chance to win medals at these competitions.
25th May 2013 – European Cup in Záriečie The EBU Committee selected Záriečie Biketrial Club to host the European Cup in 2013. This will be the tenth major international event organized by Záriečie Biketrial Club. The
competition will be attended by dozens of European riders who will compete on natural and artificial sections. The
track will be located in the course of Záriečie Biketrial Club, at the stone pitch in the village Mestečko and ‘behind the underpass’ in the village Záriečie.