GiulianoBikeTrial is a difficult and exciting sport where the key word is "balance."

In BikeTrial need "balance" in driving the bike but also serves to address the difficulties in learning the competition. As organizers hope that this will serve our "Rider" as a school that will prepared to face even on far more difficult, for life. BIU sets the junior categories at the center of its activities with particular attention to the categories Minime and Junior (13 to 18 years). But one thing common to all the participants are all excellent! No exceptions. In Italy our sport is experiencing a moment of great success thanks to the television Vittorio Brumotti who won the World BikeTrial Championship in 2006, the last competition that year was held in Japan Itadori while in 2012 will follow up with Sonico, thanks to careful administration and an exceptional club like Dynamic Trial. I close with the traditional BikeTrial greeting: Keep in touch!

Geom. Giuliano Gualeni, Delegato BIU Italia