Can I compete in WBC 2012 ? Can I try to participate in BikeTrial International Competition ?

To compete in World BikeTrial Championship 2012 need registration in Entry List. Each National Delegate must send its Entry List to BIU before the 21 June 2012.

Rider from Nation without National Delegation can participate in WBC 2012 with License released by European BikeTrial Union (for Europe) or directly from BIU (for other country).

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The rider must possess a license that was issued in the present year by Biketrial Union. (Refer to Art. 03) Entry form (list of riders) must be sent from delegate or BNU of the country to the BIU head office.

Closing date of entry for all events will be one month before WBC France (21/June/2012). A rider entry limit of a Nation is 20 riders per day (Refer to Art. 26 Entry).

Riders in the country where is not official national BIU delegate must send entry form through the representative Union in the area. (e.g.: EBU for riders in Europe, BAU for riders in Asia. The riders in the rest of areas must contact to the BIU).



Any application for the event must be applied by the delegate; no personal application will be accepted.

Please note the open date of entry is on 21th May 2012 and

closing date of entry is on 21th June 2012.



Entry Form will be sent to the delegates by BIU, please fill up the list of riders then send back to BIU.