Come promesso il Campionato Europeo BikeTrial 2011 svoltosi a Bjorkviks in Svezia il 04 e 05 Giugno è stato un Evento organizzato nella maniera migliore. Zone adatte a tutti, terreno 100% naturale in perfetto stile BIU, e ottima promozione. Il Presidente Libor Musil ha emesso una nota di merito agli organizzatori a cui vanno i nostri migliori complimenti. Speriamo in una candidatura per il Mondiale 2012. La vicinanza con l'aereoporto e molti altri fattori, prima di tutto la presenza del Motor Club Bjorkvik rendono la cittadina svedese una candidata ideale al Mondiale 2012. Ecco due video della gara Svedese dove il nostro Andrea Riva ha ottenuto il quarto posto nella Categoria Minime, purtroppo unico rappresentante italiano in Svezia.

Ecco due video della emittente SVT Sörmland e la lettere di Libor Musil, Buona visione, buona lettura, un saluto ed un ringraziamento agli amici svedesi per l'ottima organizzazione.




Campioanto Europeo BikeTrial 2011 - Bjorkvik (Svezia) 04 - 05 Giugno 2011


Altro video promozionale girato il 03 giugno 2011



Slavkov u Brna, 6th of June, 2011

Dear BikeTrial Delegates, Riders, Friends,
The European BikeTrial Championship 2011 took place in Sweden in Björkvik. Björkvik is a beautiful village surrounded by farms, lakes and forests and nice people everywhere around.
Event directory was located in a nice school area. School sports hall provided a very good background for organizers team as well as international Jury meetings. The place in front of the school gave good conditions for participants' camp. They could also take rest in the tent with refreshments and also with projection of all results on line directly from the competition office - a very good idea! Media were also present - journalists, TV and European Championship was announced in the local TV before the event.

Members of Jury were according to the EBC rules: Libor Musil, Roger Bäckgren, Radim Kakáč, Miroslav Kolárik, Kristaps Skudra, Ole Kristensen. Jury was well organized and very well supported by organizers team. Thank you very much for a professional attitude of all Jury members.
76 riders from 11 European countries took part in the European Championship. Competition area was located directly in the forest behind the school and all sections were very close to each other. In the middle of the section area was a tent with refreshments and also with projection of all results on line directly from the competition office - a very good idea! Everything went on time during the competition and very well. Good organization, an entertaining commentator on the stage decorated by natural flowers, exact time schedule, nice and challenging sections, medical service, kind and professional team of organizers, presentation of all national teams on Saturday evening, top class award ceremony, dinner for all national delegates, good atmosphere, very good sunny weather, a lot of spectators on Sunday, very dramatic battles for podium positions in all categories especially in ELITE, screens with results disposal immediately, board with all information and very well educated and precise team of observers - 3 of them in all sections! Thank you for the training program organized in advance by Roger, Bo and Johan. We had also 3 international observers on Saturday. Just a little problem was with some riders and minders in queues in front of some section (as usual). Next time we have to emphasize more that in line in front of the section can be just the rider with the bike as it is in rules written.

There also continued the Charity Collection to help our Japanese BikeTrial friends. We have now 450€ in the account and it was decided to give it to BJU at during the first round of WBC 2011 in Březová. We also had a good conversation about BikeTrial progress in the European countries. I am very glad that there is very good and promising progress in many countries such as the Czech Republic, Sweden, Slovakia (look at the EBC results), Denmark (they grew from zero to more than 100 riders this year) and Latvia (they organize Baltic cup with Estonia and Lithuania this year). We appreciate all riders and families who traveled to Björkvik. Many thanks on behalf of the E.B.U. to all organizers for a very high level work they have done for us. We will keep in our mind Björkvik 2011 as a perfect place for our lovely sport - BikeTrial.
Now, we are looking forward to the European Cup in France and Italy You are also very welcome at Dressler camp before the EC in Italy and at the BIU World 2011 Championship in summer.
Best regards,
Libor Musil
President of the E.B.U.