La Delegazione BikeTrial Svezia ci invia questo bellissimo servizio inerente la grandiosa manifestazione svoltasi settimana scorsa in Svezia, il raduno mondiale Scout con ben 50.000 persone presenti. Uno degli spettacoli più apprezzati è stato proprio quello di BikeTrial organizzato dall'amico Roberg Backgreen, Delegato BIU per la Svezia e dal suo Team. Una vetrina unica per il nostro SPORT. BRAVISSIMI !!!!
Ecco il comunicato originale e un servizio fotografico DA VEDERE !



Dear friends,
Last week was arranged the world's largest camp for scouts in Sweden, a festival with nearly 50 000 people in addition to socialize and exchange experiences also treated to several performances. On one of these shows where everyone gathered as spectators showed many of our skilled trial cyclists off their tricks and skills. It was Peter Bäckgren which through cycling friends in Gothenburg got in touch with the director and creative director for the shows, and soon began to discuss how bike trial could be in appearance under the theme "Things to do in the Swedish countryside." After many emails and meetings with the ideas, they came up with a concept, bike trial should be presented before the big show really broke loose, a show that also contained the MC trial acquaintance Swedish Hampus Fardby and his


Peter gathered up the riders who wanted to be in the show, and planned a trip around southern Sweden with stops at various places of interest for trial riders. Much thanks to Hawkhills Club from Knäred was ten riders on two scenes for nearly an hour cycling infront of an audience that included about 50 000 people from nearly 150 countries. Hopefully this demonstration provided bike trial much exposure in the media and got many curious about the sport. Have a look at Nadines pictures from the week.

Sincerely yours